100 Jews Removed From German Flight

100 Jews Removed From German Flight

100 Jews REMOVED From Flight – The Perceived Reason Is Chilling

(ConservativeInsider.org) – COVID-19 requirements have caused a stir in nearly every aspect of life, but especially in the travel sector. Drama erupted this week when a plane captain barred dozens of Jews from a German flight because just a few of them refused to wear a mask, breaking the nation’s current masking requirements.

On Tuesday, May 3, around 100 Orthodox Jews were traveling from JFK airport in New York City to Frankfurt, Germany, before hopping on a final flight to Hungary. The Jews were each taking individual pilgrimages to the grave of Rabbi Yeshayah Steiner in northeastern Hungary. However, when the Jews prepared to board their flight in Frankfurt, every single one who was dressed in the traditional Orthodox Jew garb was banned from the Lufthansa flight because a few had chosen not to wear a mask despite it still being the law in Germany.

It is important to note they were not all part of the same traveling group; they were all simply dressed in similar attire. The Times of Israel shared more about this shocking move:

Many people said the flight ban was anti-Semitic, as airline personnel barred every single Jew from both the flight and from booking similar trips within the next 24 hours just because some people dressed like them refused to wear a mask. A week later, Lufthansa finally issued an awkward apology for the “circumstances surrounding the decision,” which is shared on Twitter:

What do you think? Did Lufthansa do the right thing with this apology, or is it still missing the point?

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