12 Missionary Hostages Finally Released After Months

12 Missionary Hostages Finally Released After Months

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Many churches and aid organizations send representatives to underprivileged and war-torn nations to try and bring hope, healing, or even just a few days of joy to the communities there. However, when one US missionary group made a journey to Haiti back in October, local gangs kidnapped them and demanded a ransom for their release. Now, months later, it seems the hostages are finally free.

On Thursday, December 16, Christian Aid Ministries announced that all 17 of its missionaries, including multiple children, are now safe. The hostages arrived at Port-au-Prince airport on Thursday afternoon, confirming their release to the world.

The Haitian gang 400 Mawozo kidnapped the 16 US citizens and 1 Canadian on October 16, and demanded $1 million in ransom for each person. The gang released two hostages in November and three in early December. As of Friday, December 17, the authorities have not released any information as to why the gang chose to release the remaining hostages.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) celebrated the announcement on Twitter:

When so much seems disheartening in this world, it is good to see these families making it home safe and sound for Christmas. Hopefully, the missionaries are able to decompress from their traumatic experience and enjoy the holidays with family and friends in the safety of their communities.

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