22-Week Abortion Ban Introduced in Colorado

22-Week Abortion Ban Introduced in Colorado

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The choice for the next president of the United States isn’t all that’s on ballots this November. In Colorado, voters will choose whether or not to ban all abortions after 22 weeks, aside from those when it’s needed to “save the life of a pregnant woman.”

Colorado currently does not have any restrictions on abortion. Proposition 115, the new abortion ban bill, needs a simple majority to pass. Many pro-life advocates support the bill, including over 130 healthcare professionals in the state:

The proposition does face opposition and has a history of being rejected. Colorado voters have failed to institute abortion limitations 3 times in the past 12 years. The state is known as a haven for those seeking late-term abortions.

As we see an abortion-limiting bill gain momentum in a typically-blue state, it shows a great shift in our country. A more conservative attitude may be reappearing in some long-standing Liberal states. This gives those who want to protect life at all stages hope for the future.

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