4 Million People Lose Vaccine Status Because They Didn’t Get Booster Shot

4 Million People Lose Vaccine Status Because They Didn't Get Booster Shot

(ConservativeInsider.org) – In the United States, the status of “fully vaccinated” applies to everyone who has received two COVID-19 shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or one shot in the case of Johnson & Johnson. In France, residents are required to get two doses and later a booster. But, a recent change to the rules left millions in inoculation limbo.

According to a France 24 report, 4 million people are no longer considered fully vaccinated because they didn’t get their booster shots in time. The government used to require residents to get a booster six months after the second shot but then changed it to three months. The change forced people to scramble to get their boosters after waking up to expired vaccine passports — limiting their access to restaurants, trains and other public places. The citizens complained there are too many rules, and it’s starting to confuse them.

For two years, world leaders have told people to “trust the science.” Democrats often screech the phrase when arguing with conservatives over the infringement of their personal freedoms. Meanwhile, the “science” doesn’t seem to matter very much when leaders are making rules. What qualifies as fully vaccinated? Would that be true if leaders were “trusting the science?” The constant pivoting away from the so-called science has led to a situation where people don’t know what to believe and, in the case of the people in France, lose their vaccination status without even realizing it.

Does that seem fair to you?

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