$5 Million a Day Being Spent Because Biden Won’t Finish Trump’s Wall

$5 Million a Day Being Spent Because Biden Won't Finish Trump's Wall

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden found themselves disagreeing on most aspects of politics, from national security and the environment to taxes and voting rights. Their opinions on immigration are also on opposite ends of the spectrum. Even though Trump allocated resources and started building the wall along the US-Mexico border, President Biden is so against it, he’s actually paying an exorbitant amount of money not to build it.

Former Border Security Chief Slams Biden Admin on Fiscal Irresponsibility

On Tuesday, October 5, former Border Security chief Rodney Scott appeared on Fox News’ “Special Report” to discuss the situation at the nation’s southern border. Scott highlighted that during the presidential transition, his team told the new administration there would be “an influx of mass migration that we would not be able to control” if Trump’s policies came to a halt. Obviously, that’s exactly what happened.

Scott went on to detail how between the Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the federal government paid out up to $5 million a day to contractors “to not build the wall.” Rather than build a structure that would help curb the spike of illegal immigration, the Biden administration is letting “stacks and stacks” of border wall panels lay idly by next to “hundreds of miles of fiber optic cabling” and cameras.

Biden Runs From Discussion and Instead Criticizes Border Patrol

Scott emphasized there was “no conversation” between the Border Patrol and the Biden administration during the discussion. Instead, the team at the White House made it “a black-and-white decision” with “no adult dialogue.”

In a similar vein, President Biden recently jumped on false reports that Border Patrol agents were using whips to beat Haitian migrants, declaring how “outrageous” the situation was and assuring those angry about the photo, “There will be consequences.” This rumor was quickly proven false by pretty much every major news source within a matter of hours. However, Biden had already damaged the reputation and morale of Border Patrol agents.

Scott highlighted that early retirements rose dramatically among the Border Patrol staff after these events because the atmosphere is becoming more difficult and hostile.

Waste in More Ways Than One

The federal government is pouring billions of dollars into contractors willing to work but is telling them to sit on their hands. On top of this, Biden’s harsh remarks pushed many solid civil servants out of their jobs, wanting to distance themselves from the political climate the current administration created at the southern border. If Biden doesn’t figure out how to turn this around soon, he won’t have anyone left at the border to deal with the crisis he created. Biden could possibly fix much of the damage if he returned to Trump-era policies.

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