5 Ways to Spot Media Bias When Watching the News

5 Ways to Spot Media Bias When Watching the News

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Reporters and journalists must present facts to their viewers in a clear manner, but their presentations of truth often have bias in them. So, viewers must consider what is, or isn’t, said to ensure they are not misled by the media.

Here are a few ways to spot media bias:

  1. Look for inflammatory, emotional, or leading language, such as “fumed,” “dodged,” or “extreme” to identify media spin.
  2. Ensure statistics and claims are backed up with evidence or called “alleged” if unconfirmed.
  3. Look for what information could be omitted from the story, including scientific research or the views of opposing sides.
  4. Identify who funds the news outlet and reporting. If the company receives money from specific donors, it’s likely they have sway in what’s reported.
  5. Has the reporter jumped to a conclusion without evidence? If a reporter says what someone is thinking, they may not have evidence to support their mind-reading. It may simply be their biased observation of the person’s actions.

The organization AllSides shared how different news sources each reported the same story in different ways:

By getting our news from a variety of sources and evaluating it for bias and slant, we can decipher just what’s fact and what’s conjecture. This allows us to make informed decisions in order to create the America we want.

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