70 People Manage Joe Biden’s Social Media Accounts

70 People Manage Joe Biden's Social Media Accounts

Biden’s Social Media Account Has A Disturbing Secret

(ConservativeInsider.org) – President Joe Biden built much of his campaign on being the polar opposite of former President Donald Trump. He scheduled photo ops of himself walking while enjoying an ice cream cone, being amiable to anyone he met, and simply being a more laid-back character than the 45th president. However, as he faces a tough economy, wars on other continents, an ongoing pandemic, and a major baby formula shortage, his laid-back demeanor has struggled to gain him any approval. Even his 70-person social media team isn’t helping.

According to a report by CNN, there is quite a bit of dysfunction on the White House’s social media team. After speaking with 14 aides to President Biden and other Democratic leaders, CNN uncovered enormous disagreements between older staffers who are used to nightly news clips and newspaper headlines and younger staffers who better understand social media’s quick news cycles.

Mediaite shared more about the struggling press team:

While working virtually for months did not help the team’s dynamics, the report detailed that even being in person again did not help the 70-person squad find their stride. There are allegedly still disagreements about how to help bolster Biden’s image before the November midterms, something the team may be running out of time to do if they don’t come to an agreement quickly.

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