A Groundbreaking Cargo Ship Powered by Wind Sets Sail

(ConservativeInsider.org) – A British-designed cargo ship, ‘Pyxis Ocean’ made by Cargill Ocean Transportation, has set sail on its maiden voyage using WindWings sails. WindWings will cut fuel consumption and reduce the shipping industry’s carbon footprint, which accounts for 2.1% of global carbon dioxide emissions. The maiden journey will be from China to Brazil and is the initial real-world test of WindWings.

The WindWings were designed in Britain but built in China. Cargill wanted to build in the UK but steel shortage and supply chain issues resulted in manufacturing in China. The material is similar to wind turbines on land: steel with a durable coating to ensure a long life.

WindWings fold down while in port and expand to 123-feet tall when opened on the water. Experts note that this technology could be better and more predictable and a solid step forward in the direction to be headed towards. Experts said that this snail-speed project was supported by other projects that supported, tested, and improved this project over the years it took from design to completion.

Aside from CO2 emissions, the fuel savings are astonishing. With 4 WindWings on board a ship, the fuel savings are approximately six tons. The WindWings and ship will be closely monitored and studied during the six-week journey. Advocates say wind power is the future for ships, cargo ships, and cruise ships. Wind power is a non-depleting resource and near constant in the open sea. Solar power is also an option, although it is proving a challenge to harness; capturing wind is easy.

Innovating in recent years alongside British Cargill is the Swedish company Oceanbird, also looking to harness wind power to move vessels. Both firms are designing and testing rigid-type sails to reduce fuel usage. Replacement of fuel usage is not yet where technology is, but the hybrid option is the most likely outcome for a successful reduction in fuel usage at sea.

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