Abraham Lincoln Statue Vandalized With Feces

Abraham Lincoln Statue Vandalized With Feces

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The ability to creatively protest is a beautiful right protected by the US Constitution. However, vandalism is not. One group in Boise, Idaho, took their civil disobedience too far when they chose to desecrate a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Early in the morning of February 1, the City of Boise learned that a seated statue of Lincoln had been covered with red paint, signs, and feces.

A group called “Peaceful Roots of Change” shared the vandalism on Instagram, taking ownership of the incident. They stated it was made to bring attention to modern-day slavery, segregation, and Lincoln’s approval of the execution of 38 American Indians in 1862. However, the group failed to mention that Lincoln fought to protect an additional 264 Native Americans, who had also been sentenced to death with the others, for perpetuating massacres in the Dakota War of 1862.

The ability to voice one’s opinion is a critical cornerstone of American democracy. However, vandalism of public property and a gross misrepresentation of facts are not the way to enact change. Abraham Lincoln fought to free slaves all across our nation, and that should be the legacy we continue to celebrate whenever we speak his name.

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