ACLU Reveals Biden Is Unaware of Dangerous Actions Within His Own Administration

ACLU Reveals Biden Is Unaware of Dangerous Actions Within His Own Administration

( – The President of the United States (POTUS) is responsible for what happens within the federal government during their administration. So, when a report comes out about happenings within a government agency that President Joe Biden denies, it brings up many questions about who’s actually running the country.

Such a report came this week involving Biden failing to come through on one of his campaign promises to bring “justice” to illegal immigrant families that the previous administration separated from each other while conducting background checks and such.

The Wall Street Journal Reports on Enormous Payments to Illegals

On Thursday, October 28, The Wall Street Journal wrote an article detailing how multiple government agencies were “considering payments” up to $1 million for the separated families at the US-Mexico border in 2018. The news outlet said its sources were “people familiar with the matter.”

Lawsuits by illegal immigrants who the US government detained at the border claim children suffered psychological trauma, heat exhaustion, malnutrition, and more under the care of Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). So far, families have filed around 940 claims, although the ACLU identified 5,500 children in total who officials separated from their parents under the Trump administration.

If the US government actually gives out these payments, they could easily exceed those paid to victims of 9/11, whose families received around $2 million in tax-free payouts after the settlement.

Biden Responds to the WSJ Report

On Wednesday, November 3, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked President Biden about The Wall Street Journal report. Biden quickly called the article “garbage” and said, “that’s not gonna happen.” So, who got it wrong? Currently, it’s the mainstream media’s word against the president, who does not have a good track record of knowing what’s going on in his government lately.

ACLU Calls the President Out

Soon after this confrontation with the press, ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero published a statement highlighting Biden’s abandonment of “a core campaign promise.” He also emphasized that Biden once called families’ separation at the border “criminal,” and he promised “to do justice for the thousands of separated families.” Now, however, it seems the commander-in-chief is abandoning that assurance.

Does President Biden actually know what is happening in his administration? If not, who is pulling the strings right now? Hopefully, Biden can pull himself together and get a handle on his government, or the next three years could be a frightening example of a powerful leader being out of touch with the world.

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