AI Driven Technology Says Donald Trump Won Presidential Debate

AI Driven Technology Says Donald Trump Won Presidential Debate

( – On the evening of Thursday, October 22, President Donald J. Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden faced off in the second and final debate of this election season. President Trump had a strong showing, with multiple signs, including an analysis of vocal delivery and confidence, pointing to a win for him that night.

Trump Delivers Professional and Polished Remarks

VoiceVibes can analyze voice tone and delivery to see how well someone communicates. When the debate was run through the program, President Trump outperformed Biden on vocal delivery and professionalism on almost every debate topic. From climate change and leadership to national security and healthcare, he presented the information with clarity and authority.

Many Americans agreed with VoiceVibes analysis of Trump:

On the other hand, Biden failed to convince the software of his confidence in most subjects, although he did score higher than Trump on coronavirus issues and immigration.

Undecided Voters React to the Debate

Many people already made up their minds of who they will vote for going into the second presidential debate, but many Americans are still undecided and the results of the debate may help them decide one way or another.

Frank Luntz, a popular pollster, gathered a group of these voters to see their reaction to Thursday night’s meeting:

While some voters were put off by the first presidential debate, this last one was much more civilized. It allowed President Trump to shine and show off his ability to be controlled while still pushing Biden on hard questions like Hunter Biden’s laptop and potential fiscal connections to China.

What Americans Learned from the Debate

David Brody, the Chief Political Analyst for CBN News, shared what he thought was the main takeaway from the debate:

Over his lengthy, 47-year political career, Biden has had quite a few missteps, such as the 1994 Crime Bill that disproportionately incarcerated black Americans, and few victories overall. President Trump made it clear that if re-elected, he’ll continue to lead the country with strength, fighting for each and every American along the way.

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