All Fans Banned From Olympics as Tokyo Announces COVID State of Emergency

All Fans Banned From Olympics as Tokyo Announces COVID State of Emergency

( – After the postponement of the summer Olympics last year, so many people had high hopes that the incredible sporting competition could be conducted as usual, or close to it, this year. Yet, in a disheartening move, the Tokyo Olympic Game organizers announced they won’t allow spectators at any Olympic events held in Japan’s capital city of Tokyo this summer.

The Olympic committee had already banned foreign fans from traveling to Japan to see this summer’s games. But, on Thursday, July 8, they announced they will not allow any spectators, including local, vaccinated citizens, at the games in Tokyo. They are still considering fan attendance at locations outside of the capital city at this time. Fox59 News was one of the first to share the announcement:

This decision came shortly after Japan’s Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, enacted a state of emergency over the city, spanning a period both before and after the games, as coronavirus infection rates are expected to rise. The state of emergency will force venues in Tokyo to refrain from serving alcoholic beverages in hopes the measure will discourage people from congregating closely in public spaces to watch the games, potentially spreading the virus.

The committee’s decision to remove in-person fans from the Olympics will not only destroy the Games’ budget due to lack of ticket sales, but the world’s most incredible athletes will not have the joy of competing amidst a flurry of excited, supportive fans. At this point, we can be thankful they will still be broadcast for the world to see.

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