All New Cars in the EU Will Have Spying Black Boxes Installed

All New Cars in the EU Will Have Spying Black Boxes Installed

EU Demands – All News Cars Have “SPY TOOL” Installed

( – The freedom of driving down an open road with windows down and music playing is a joy-filled experience particularly loved in this vast and beautiful nation. However, governments around the world are beginning to push various technologies that would allow them to monitor or limit aspects of one’s driving experience, including speed and driving habits.

In 2019, the European Union parliament voted to make speed-limiting technology mandatory in all new vehicles sold in EU nations after July 6, 2022. This new Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) system will now be standard in all cars, trucks, and vans, and will warn drivers to slow down if they are driving above the speed limit and encourage them to obey the law.

If drivers do not follow the prompts, the ISA can limit the power from the engine, forcing the car and driver to slow down. It may also anonymously save data including seat belt use, braking patterns, steering wheel angle, and the road’s incline compared to the vehicle speed.

Privacy advocates have warned about the potential future implications of such technology, as police could use it to restrict driving privileges in the future if they want to stop someone. For now, however, most users will be able to manually disable the speed limiting system if desired.

While this black box technology is only mandatory in the EU right now, it is possibly only a matter of time before such technology makes it to the United States. What are your thoughts about having such a system in your car?

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