American Military Tracking Yet Another Mysterious Balloon That Flew Over U.S. Soil

( – The United States military, according to a report from The Daily Wire, is once again tracking a strange balloon that recently flew over the country as worries about foreign nations using these devices to spy on military installations increase.

The military, according to a piece published by NBC News, started to track the mysterious object around April 28, 2023. Since that time, the balloon has made its way over Hawaii and is heading toward Mexico. The report from NBC stated that officials in the U.S. aren’t sure at this point what kind of balloon it was or what country might be its point of origin, though they have made it clear that at this point, it’s not a direct threat to the country.

A balloon of Chinese origin flew over the continental United States in February 2023, which, at first, President Joe Biden and the members of his administration refused to shoot down, citing safety concerns. It was later shot down over South Carolina. However, by that time, it had already managed to relay significant amounts of data concerning military installations back to Beijing, despite initial reports from the Pentagon that such attempts had been blocked.

A report from the Daily Mail said that officials currently do not believe that this new balloon is from China, however, at the time of the report being published, they were weighing options concerning whether or not to shoot the object down should it get close to land.

Reports have stated it’s not clear at the moment if the balloon is a scientific device used to conduct weather experiments or if it could be something more sinister. It appears that the object does not possess maneuverability.

A spokesperson who works for the National Security Council told the media to direct any questions they have concerning this new balloon to the National Security Council and did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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