Americans Are Getting Multiple Letters From IRS With Confusing Message

Americans Are Getting Multiple Letters From IRS With Confusing Message

( – In case 2020 was not rough enough for Americans, the variety of stimulus payments and tax credits passed through Congress made filing last year’s taxes quite the headache. According to the IRS, millions of Americans made miscalculations on their tax forms, prompting the agency to send out 11 million “math error” letters. However, the IRS left out one key point in that initial letter, forcing the agency to send out a second notice, further complicating the situation.

Throughout September, many taxpayers received a letter from the IRS titled letter 6470, alerting them of their right to appeal a decision provided to them in a previous letter, referred to as CP 11, CP 12, or CP 13. The initial letter told citizens their 2020 tax forms had a mathematical error in them, so they would need to pay more in taxes. However, that letter left out a key piece of information: taxpayers could appeal their case.

Understandably, receiving multiple, confusing letters from the IRS prompted many Americans to head to social media to inquire as to whether this correspondence was legitimate or a scam. One anti-fraud organization spoke to concerned Americans on Twitter about the situation:

While many Americans do still need to double-check their 2020 tax filing calculations for math errors, the moral of this story is that citizens can appeal the letters’ decision within 60 days if they believe it’s incorrect. Hopefully, the IRS gets its act together before killing more trees and Americans begin filing their 2021 taxes in just a few short months.

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