Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed to Supreme Court in Late-Night Vote

Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed to Supreme Court in Late-Night Vote

( – On Sunday, October 25, the Senate voted to end the debate surrounding President Donald Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court. On Monday, October 26, the final confirmation vote occurred, resulting in Barrett becoming the newest member of our nation’s high court. But, this achievement was not without a fight.

Sunday’s tally to advance the nomination was 51-48, with all Democrats voting against Barrett. Republicans Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Susan Collins (R-ME) joined Democrats in opposing the nomination, although Murkowski said she voted to confirm. She shared her reasoning here:

The final confirmation vote of 52-48 secured Amy Coney Barrett as Trump’s third nominee to the high court. As expected, Collins is the only one who crossed the party’s line, claiming it’s too soon before an election to confirm a justice. Unfortunately for her — and the Dems — it wasn’t enough.

Throughout her Senate hearings, Barrett showed her deep desire to apply the law as it’s written, rather than use her appointment to further her own personal beliefs. This adherence to the Constitution and rule of law is just what is needed on our nation’s highest court.

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