Anti-Audit Official Banned, Stripped of Powers

Anti-Audit Official Banned, Stripped of Powers

( – An audit should provide clarity to an election, and if no harm or foul was committed, it shouldn’t be a big deal to those in charge. Yet, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs repeatedly tried to stop the audit of Maricopa County’s ballots from the 2020 election. This week, in response, the state’s Right-leaning House Appropriations Committee stripped her of some of her powers.

On Tuesday, May 25, Arizona’s House Appropriations Committee transferred Hobbs’ power to “defend election lawsuits” to Arizona State Attorney General Mark Brnovich, a Republican, until the end of the 2023 fiscal year. They also removed her from overseeing the Capitol Museum.

Attorney Jenna Ellis shared the news:

While a ballot audit should provide citizens with a trustworthy system of checks and balances to ensure their votes were counted correctly, Hobbs called this particular audit a “political stunt” that’s “dangerous” to our democracy. But, it turns out that democracy precisely what stripped her of her duties and provided the Arizona taxpayers with what they want.

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