Antifa Blocks Seattle Police From Responding to Emergencies

Antifa Blocks Seattle Police From Responding to Emergencies

( – Over a million people every year put their lives on the line to serve and protect their communities through police work. But, some in our society have become apathetic to the horrendous situations that our officers are facing, such as Antifa’s latest antics when they attempted to stop Seattle police from responding to emergencies.

On Saturday, February 13, Antifa members piled snow in front of Seattle’s East Precinct to prevent officers from driving out of the lot, showing they care little about anyone other than themselves. Video evidence of the incident shows protestors cheering as a cop car fails to make it past the snow barrier.

If this wasn’t enough, journalist Andy Ngo shared other ways Antifa tried to hinder police from responding to emergencies on Valentine’s Day weekend:

Police eventually cleared the snow barrier, even as protestors continued to shout and throw snowballs at them. This alarming behavior has gone uncondemned by the mainstream media and many citizens who are quick to call out Conservatives, but we will not choose the road of apathy.

These events are illegal and those who try to harm police and hinder their work must be brought to justice. As Americans, we must stand up to Antifa goons in order to preserve our society and the heart of our nation.

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