Antifa Reportedly “Panicking” After Being Infiltrated, Report Says

Antifa Reportedly

( – Portland, Oregon has been plagued by riots since they first erupted in the city almost a year ago. But, police are making progress fighting back against the Antifa fighters perpetuating this violence, as a new report shows a responsible citizen has likely infiltrated the group.

On Tuesday, April 13, an Antifa rioter set fire to a Portland police building. She was soon identified as Alma Raven-Guido and arrested for arson, rioting, and criminal mischief. But, on Saturday, April 17, investigative reporter Andy Ngo shared the news that it was an informant who was with the group that provided her name to the police, aiding in her arrest.

Andy Ngo shared more about his findings on Twitter:

Many alleged Antifa members posted on social media networks trying to figure out who the informant was, and many issued threats to the potential spy. But, as we see this city continue to reel in the chaos caused by Antifa, this is an example for the rest of the country. Police must be supported and funded in order to keep violence at bay.

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