AOC Melts Down on House Floor

AOC Melts Down on House Floor

( – The United States has long supported Israel as a nation, often providing it with resources to protect itself against its enemies in the region. However, not all US lawmakers support this policy stance. House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-CA) actually shed tears during the most recent vote on this subject.

AOC Cries After the “Iron Dome” Vote

On Thursday, September 23, the US House of Representatives voted on funding Israel’s $1-billion Iron Dome missile defense system. While AOC originally joined nine other representatives in voting against the bill, she ended up switching her vote to “present.” Shortly after, cameras caught AOC shedding tears over her decision.

Americans have seen AOC’s anti-Semitic rhetoric and policies over the past few years, but many criticized her for the tears, calling it political “theater.” However, the Squad member wrote about her strong emotions in a letter to her constituents, citing that lawmakers made a “reckless decision” to rush the vote “without true consideration.”

Why Did AOC Not Vote for or Against the bill?

Typically, AOC votes with her other Squad members, who mostly voted against the Iron Dome bill last week. However, this time, she joined Hank Johnson (D-GA) in simply voting “present.” She likely chose to neither stop nor support the bill because she may be planning to run for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) Senate seat in 2022.

If she’s hoping to run for a state-wide seat, it’s critical her views line up with all New Yorkers, rather than just her district. So, AOC must take the numbers of Jewish people in New York into account when voting. Currently, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency estimates that over half of Jewish New Yorkers lean left. With this, Fox News contributor and analyst Jessica Tarlov highlighted she should think twice before “crossing Jewish voters.”

While AOC may be eyeing Schumer’s seat, political pollster and former advisor to Bill Clinton Doug Schoen says the female lawmaker has always been “perceived as anti-Israel,” but now those suspicions are “confirmed.”

Looking Forward

While AOC may be hoping to continue her rise in the Democratic party, her vivid display of emotion after expressing anti-Israel sentiment will likely hamper such ambitions. Hopefully, this shows the rookie lawmaker that politics is all about give and take, and such radical views on topics will likely not get her very far in the grand scheme of US politics.

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