AOC Wants To Regulate Conservative News Because It’s “Incitement of Violence”

AOC Wants To Regulate Conservative News Because It's

( – Progressive Squad leader Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) (D-NY) is often outspoken in her opinions, such as her recent remarks telling President Joe Biden to ignore a federal judge’s ruling to pause the FDA’s approval of an abortion-inducing drug. Now, though, she is using her media presence to attack Fox News and its hosts, accusing them of inciting violence.

On Sunday, April 23, MSNBC aired an interview between AOC and former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who now has her own show with the network. During their chat, the pair covered topics such as the likely presidential bid from President Joe Biden, abortion, far-right influences within the Republican party, and even climate change. While chatting about conservative media and Fox News’ recent $787.5 Million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, AOC held nothing back.

Psaki asked the New York lawmaker if news outlets and social media companies “should be accountable for…being platforms for incitement” of violence. In her response, AOC targeted Fox News and Tucker Carlson, highlighting they are “subject to federal law” and “federal regulation in terms of what’s allowed on air and what isn’t.” She believes they have “very, very clearly” incited people to violence with what they have said after reporting on the 2020 presidential election.

AOC did not limit her criticism to conservative news personalities, though. Later on, she accused Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) of “running the caucus” and pushing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to do “her bidding.” She also accused the GOP of a “concerted rollback of civil liberties” when it comes to abortion and women’s rights.

By accusing conservative news outlets of inciting violence while she attacks many other aspects of the Republican party, AOC has caused a bit of controversy. While all media outlets are subject to federal laws and regulations, the government cannot call out just one for breaking the rules if others are doing the same. To do so would clearly be biased.

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