Are Biden’s Health Issues Interfering With His Job?

Joe Biden's Health Condition Cited As Reason for Departure

( – After watching the Taliban take over Afghanistan, many Americans, especially servicemen and women who spent time in the war-torn nation, felt hopeless and dejected. So many looked to President Joe Biden for hope and guidance during this time. Yet, he hid at Camp David, struggling to sleep. He even tried to leave the White House again after finally returning to his office.

On Wednesday, August 18, former Navy Intel officer Jack Posobiec got word from inside the White House that President Biden was not sleeping well and wanted to go home to Delaware for some shut-eye. He shared the intel on Twitter:

Soon after this insider tweet, the White House arranged for Biden to fly home to Delaware on Friday, August 20. However, this caused quite a bit of bad press for the president as he appeared to be running away when Americans, both here and abroad, needed him most.

So, Biden rescheduled his trip to leave on Saturday. However, that trip was also cancelled. Instead, the president began meeting with officials regarding the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, where tens of thousands of Americans and Afghans attempt to evacuate from the nation now run by terrorists.

While it’s a difficult time for any president, citizens are dependent on our leaders to make sound decisions despite the stress of the job. The simple fact that President Biden may not be sleeping well and still must make critical decisions, is a scary thought. Meanwhile, his own party is launching an investigation into how he handled the Afghanistan crisis. Stay tuned to see how this pans out for the Biden Administration.

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