Arrests Mount of Canadian Truckers as Government Cracks Down on Protests

Arrests Mount of Canadian Truckers as Government Cracks Down on Protests

( – On January 28, thousands of Canadian truck drivers traveled to the country’s capital in Ottawa to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s COVID-19 mandates. Although the protests have been largely peaceful, the government is cracking down on the members of the Freedom Convoy.

On February 6, the Ottawa Police Service announced officers had arrested 7 people and issued 100 tickets to protesters. Law enforcement also revealed there were more than 60 ongoing criminal investigations related to the Freedom Convoy. Videos on social media show police seizing gasoline from people. The fuel was supposed to be given to the truckers who face frigid temperatures as they fight for their personal freedom.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency on February 6, claiming the protesters were going to get someone killed or hurt. He also announced the government was going to limit fuel in the areas where the truckers are in an attempt to drive them out.

Meanwhile, Trudeau has repeatedly attacked the truckers, claiming the capital is under siege and telling the convoy it “has to stop.” Although he has a lot to say about the truckers, he hasn’t actually spoken to them or acknowledged the issues they have with the mandates. It would seem the best way to convince the protesters to leave the capital is to actually engage with the concerned citizens, but leadership is failing to do that — so the protests continue.

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