Bernie Sanders Redefines Infrastructure and Seeks to Silence GOP

Bernie Sanders Redefines Infrastructure and Seeks to Silence GOP

( – Democrats are notorious for changing their rhetoric in order to push their ideas to the masses. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) proposed the latest word-play this weekend when he tried to redefine “infrastructure” in America.

On Saturday, April 10, Sanders spoke with MSNBC about President Joe Biden’s proposed $2.3-trillion infrastructure bill, which is failing to garner support from the GOP. He declared that infrastructure, usually considered to be things like bridges, roads, and the energy grid, is a narrow definition. He proposed the idea that “human infrastructure” is just as important. Bundled in that new definition is universal health care, affordable housing, and the total switch to renewable energy — all cornerstones of his radical agenda.

Even US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm echoed Sanders’ thoughts, shared here by The Hill:

Bernie is twisting the long-standing definition of words Americans have used for decades in order to garner support for the Democrats’ out-of-control spending. He’s also using his platform to criticize and drown out any pushback from Conservatives. So, while it is often hard to keep up with the Left’s ever-changing lingo, we can spot this latest change and call it out for its manipulation.

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