Beware: Ransomware Hackers Are Coming for Your Personal Information

Beware: Ransomware Hackers Are Coming for Your Personal Information

( – This fall, federal agencies banded together to warn Americans against “increased and imminent cybercrime” targeting our nation’s healthcare system and more. Since then, multiple hospitals and companies have been hacked, and cybercriminals have stolen a lot of personal information.

Criminals are using ransomware to infect hospital servers to cripple patient care. In September, hackers compromised the Universal Health Systems chain of hospitals, increasing wait times and kicking critical monitoring equipment offline.

In October, a cyberattack hit the University of Vermont Health Network, making nearly all electronic records and patient systems inoperable for a time. In this case, the National Guard and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were brought in to help. Reporter Ellen Barry tells more about the investigation:

In order to fight back against cybercriminals, every American must educate themselves on internet and data safety. The CyberPeace Corps shares a few steps we can all take:

Ransomware hackers constantly invent new ways to steal and manipulate information. By limiting the places your data is kept, and making wise choices about where you spend your money, you can help keep your data safe.

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