Biden Admin Pick Linked to $600,000,000 Stolen

Biden Admin Pick Linked to $600,000,000 Stolen

( – President Joe Biden is no stranger to controversial cabinet picks and the hits just keep on coming. He recently nominated Suzi LeVine to be the interim assistant secretary of the Employment and Training Administration, an office within the Department of Labor (DOL). However, the former head of the Employment Security Department in Washington state faces a tough road to Senate approval.

LeVine’s track record includes overseeing unemployment for Washington state while a Nigerian fraud scheme stole over $600 million from her department. Over 122,000 false unemployment claims were processed through her agency in order to defraud the state.

Vast cases of fraud are not the only events associated with LeVine’s tenure. The Seattle Times shares more of her ineptitude:

So far, Washington has only been able to recover $357 million of the lost money, leaving the state with a huge loss. Yet, LeVine has been chosen to lead a DOL department with a $9-billion budget. How can a politician who failed to keep her state’s money safe be trusted with our nation’s budget? Now’s the time to talk to your lawmakers about this nomination. Surely there’s someone better equipped to handle our hard-earned tax dollars.

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