Biden Admin Wouldn’t Verify Trump’s Surgeon General’s Employment Status

Biden Admin Wouldn't Verify Trump's Surgeon General's Employment Status

( – Getting nominated by the president for an office in the US government and confirmed by the Senate is an enormous honor, one that few Americans ever experience. Yet, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) refused to acknowledge former US surgeon general Jerome Adams’ previous employment status when a mortgage company reached out to them, raising quite a few eyebrows as to their reason for their silence.

On Tuesday, September 21, Adams tweeted a screenshot of an email from his mortgage broker telling him they were unable to confirm his employment as US surgeon general:

Understandably, news of this refusal spread quickly across the internet, with many users wondering how someone would deny the clear fact that Dr. Jerome Adams was, in fact, the US Surgeon General from September 5, 2017, until January 20, 2021.

While this instance could be another occurrence of the federal government moving very slowly amongst mountains of red tape, that’s not the only plausible explanation. Some wonder if the Biden administration and HHS are simply petty and refusing to confirm Adams employment because he served former President Donald Trump. Only time will hopefully reveal more details of this story, but Americans – and Adams – must wait and see.

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