Biden Administration Forced National Guard to Clean Up Migrant’s Trash

Biden Administration Forced National Guard to Clean Up Migrant's Trash

( – Our men and women in uniform train in grueling conditions for countless months to be the best military force in the world. Despite this sacrifice, it seems the Biden administration thinks our National Guard should be the ones who should be picking up trash at our southern border.

On Sunday, May 9, Texas sheriff Andy Louderback spoke with Fox & Friends about the current chaos at the US-Mexico border. He said the Texas National Guard has been asked to pick up trash left behind by human smugglers and illegal immigrants along the border. According to the Washington Examiner, border patrol agents have also collected trash.

According to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), over 2,000 pounds of trash is left along the 370 miles of border in Arizona every year. This number is likely larger along the enormous Texas border, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for these clean-up efforts.

Louderback is not the only Texan upset right now. Fox & Friends also interviewed Representative Pat Fallon (R-TX) about the issues:

This border crisis could have been prevented if Joe Biden had stuck to President Donald Trump’s clear and strict border policies. But, for now, it seems Biden would rather leave about 25,000 children without their families in government facilities and countless tons of trash slowly destroying Texas’ Rio Grande Valley.

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