Biden Administration Requests UN to Deploy Envoys on US Soil

Biden Administration Requests UN to Deploy Envoys on US Soil

( – Among the countless things America dealt with in 2020 was the racial unrest that spread across our nation, ignited by the death of George Floyd and fueled by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. In response to continual pressure from the Left’s radical groups, President Joe Biden is calling for an official visit from the UN Special Rapporteurs on racism and minority issues to “advance racial justice and equity” in our nation.

On Tuesday, July 13, Secretary of State Antony Blinken released a statement detailing the Biden administration’s desire to address “racial injustice and inequities” in our nation. He wants America to lead by example, and has asked the UN to send experts on “contemporary forms of racism” to report on our nation’s “shortcomings.”

Blinken shared the news on Twitter:

UN “experts,” like those at the World Health Organization (WHO) who conducted a severely disappointing research trip to understand the origins of COVID-19 this year, have not shown themselves trustworthy in any way in the past few months. Yet, for some outrageous reason, the current administration has invited them to the US to determine who has experienced racism and just what we should do about it. This political stunt is only being done to try and garner more support for the Democrats’ radical racial theories they hope to instill in the next generation.

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