Biden Admits He Doesn’t Have Answer on Gas Prices

Biden Admits He Doesn't Have Answer on Gas Prices

( – Gas prices are soaring across the nation, averaging around $3.30 per gallon for unleaded gas. For Americans traveling or still commuting to work, this is taking a significant toll on their budgets. Yet, even President Joe Biden admitted he doesn’t have an answer to the growing issue.

On Thursday, October 21, President Biden appeared for a town hall discussion with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. When asked about the rising gas prices, Biden admitted that he doesn’t have “anything that’s going to significantly reduce gas prices right now,” and that prices will likely remain elevated until somewhere in 2022.

He emphasized there is no “near term answer” during his rambling speech:

Biden also used his time on stage to blame the rising prices on OPEC, rather than the slowed domestic production pushed by his administration. Unsurprisingly, the president also tried to steer the conversation towards his renewable energy plans and the Democrats’ bill to tax the rich, emphasizing how this could help keep gas prices low in the future. However, this means little to those Americans feeling the gas price budget crunch now as the holidays approach.

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