Biden ADMITS TRUTH To Fox News – Not A “Mistake”

Biden Agrees That New York Lifting Mandates Is Not a

Biden Agrees That New York Lifting Mandates Is Not a Mistake

( – In February 2022, New York City fired around 1,700 employees because they chose not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. However, those who lost their jobs fought back against the move, and the New York Supreme Court recently ruled in their favor. Even President Joe Biden affirmed how the lifting of these strict vaccine mandates in the Big Apple is not a “mistake.”

The October 25 ruling from New York Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio noted how no COVID-19 vaccine fully stopped the transmission of the virus, and therefore, New York City could not terminate employees for refusing to get it. The decision went so far as to tell the city to rehire workers it fired and provide them with back pay.

However, at the White House the same day, President Biden received yet another booster to his COVID vaccine shot and implored Americans to do the same. When asked by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy whether it was a “mistake for New York to withdraw its vaccine mandate,” Biden said “no” and emphasized how it is “a local judgment.”

Some Americans find it odd or even contradictory that Biden would not condemn the ruling allowing citizens to work unvaccinated as he continues to push the vaccine to the public. Can he truly believe both sides of this issue?

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