Biden Authorizes Millions to Ukraine as US Spending Tops $40B

( – The Biden administration has sent another $325 million to Ukraine in the form of military aid, a move which comes just four days after another package of military support worth $2.1 billion was sent. This has prompted accusations of an overly aggressive foreign policy stance regarding the Ukraine-Russia war that runs the risk of escalating the conflict to uncontrollable levels.

The latest military aid represents the 40th such package for Ukraine since February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine after many years of relatively low-level conflict. A US government news release referred to artillery, ammunition, and anti-armour systems as well as “key capabilities” to assist Ukraine and support its air defences as well as reiterating the ultimate goal of retaking sovereign territory.

The package includes support for HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems) and NASAMS (National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems) as well as millions of rounds of ammunition for small arms and considerable quantities of grenades and demolition explosives designed for clearing obstacles. Stinger anti-aircraft systems and Javelin anti-armour systems are also included.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has already warned the Biden administration and others who seek to get involved with the Ukraine conflict that the war could turn out very differently for them compared to what they are expecting. After the decision was made to deploy Leopard and Abrams tanks by Germany and the US, he emphasized that although Russia had no plans to deploy more tanks to the border, “nobody should be in any doubt” that Russia had the means available to counter any offensive and that such means would go far beyond anything currently deployed.

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