Biden BRINGS BACK a Very Disgraceful Tradition!

Biden Continues Obama's Tradition of Apologizing to America's Allies

Biden Continues Obama’s Tradition of Apologizing to America’s Allies

( – In 2009, President Barack Obama traveled around the world apologizing for past actions of US presidents that he deemed arrogant, ignorant, or unnecessary. Now, following in his former boss’ footsteps, President Joe Biden has begun his own apology tour, which he kicked off at the climate change conference COP27 in Egypt.

On Friday, November 11, POTUS spoke at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, about America’s renewed commitment to the Paris Agreement that President Donald Trump pulled out of in the fall of 2020. The current commander-in-chief emphasized how he would like to “apologize” for the actions of his predecessor and reiterated his administration’s promise to help “avert the climate hell” he believes is coming.

While Biden awkwardly seeks forgiveness from America’s allies, it is vital to remember why Trump pulled out of the accords in the first place. According to then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the Paris Agreement placed an “unfair economic burden on American workers, businesses, and taxpayers.” He emphasized how American consumers and businesses had already made major moves towards reducing emissions without needing to fall under an international agreement that comes with lots of red tape for companies and governments to deal with.

While some Americans believe the habit of Democratic presidents apologizing for the actions of others makes the US more endearing to its allies, others see it as a sign of weakness and flip-flopping between administrations. But, if the White House continues to flip parties frequently, this pattern may likely continue for decades.

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