Biden Calls for DC to Be Its Own State

Biden Calls for DC to Be Its Own State

( – For over 25 years, Joe Biden has pushed for DC to become a state. Now that he’s in the White House, he’s likely to continue the push for our nation’s capital to become the 51st state.

Last February, Biden spoke with DC residents about his hopes for the district, shared here by 51 for 51, an organization pushing to get the 51 Senate votes needed to achieve statehood:

In June 2020, the House of Representatives passed a bill to establish Washington, DC as the next state, but it did not make it through the GOP-led Senate at the time. However, with the 50-50 split now in the Senate, it’s much more likely DC statehood could be approved.

While the push to give over 700,000 Americans congressional voting rights is understandable, we must remember that the Constitution separated the federal district from states on purpose. Founding Father James Madison explained it well, stating that one state holding the power of the federal government could cause “an imputation of awe or influence.”

One state holding so much power is a harrowing thought, so we must continue to adhere to the Constitution and its healthy division of power, even when it comes to Washington, DC.

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