Biden Caught Touring Company Owned By His Cabinet Member

Biden Caught Touring Company Owned By His Cabinet Member

( – When someone becomes a member of a presidential cabinet, certain sacrifices often must be made. For Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, she must sell her stocks in an electric vehicle manufacturer within 180 days of her February 23 confirmation. But, it seems President Joe Biden may be giving her a way to turn this into a money-making opportunity.

On Tuesday, April 20, President Biden virtually toured Proterra, the electric bus manufacturer that Granholm has up to $5 million invested in. Publicly, the visit was to help educate him on the company’s work as the president puts together his $1.9-trillion “infrastructure” plan. However, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) saw the situation a bit differently:

It’s possible that Biden’s virtual visit to Proterra will boost its visibility and thus its value, giving Granholm a better price point when it’s time for her to dump her shares. This intermingling of private and public influence here is certainly questionable. Hopefully, our GOP lawmakers can help ensure our president only uses his power for the good of our nation and not to make his friends a little extra cash.

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