Biden Claims Support From SECRET GOP Senators

Biden Says He Has Secret Republicans Supporting Him, But Will

Biden Says He Has Secret Republicans Supporting Him, But Will “Never Say Their Names”

( – In Pennsylvania, candidates for the US senate are neck and neck in polls, making them campaign all the harder as election day comes. Republican hopeful Dr. Mehmet Oz is trying to beat out Democrat John Fetterman for the win in one of the most watched midterm races this year. Trying to help out his fellow party member, President Joe Biden appeared at a campaign reception for Fetterman where he claimed there was a group of GOP senators that supported him.

On Thursday, October 20, POTUS declared to listeners at the reception that there’s a “new Republican party” that includes six conservative lawmakers, though he “will never reveal who they are.” Biden and Fetterman, who had a stroke in May, did not allow themselves to be recorded during the event.

Biden did say these mysterious senators worked with him when he was in Congress and have told him that he’s “right” and would have sided with him on various issues if it wouldn’t make them “lose” and “get primaried by the Trumpites.” Despite these claims, the commander-in-chief has not provided proof of this mysterious support from the other side of the aisle.

Given his track record of fabricating stories and mixing up facts and statistics, no one can really know, aside from the alleged lawmakers themselves — if Biden is telling the truth in this instance.

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