Biden Claims THIS Is What’s Hurting His Support At The Polls

Biden Claims Pandemic Is the Root of His Dwindling Support

Biden Claims Pandemic Is the Root of His Dwindling Support

( – President Joe Biden does not speak in public nearly as often as many of his predecessors. When he does, he has the tendency to stumble over his words or say things that just don’t quite add up. In a recent interview with “60 Minutes” reporter Scott Pelley, the POTUS blamed COVID-19 was to blame for his poor poll numbers.

On Thursday, September 15, Pelley spoke with Biden on a myriad of topics, including the potential for a 2024 presidential bid. While the commander-in-chief has previously been adamant he will run for a second term, he was not quite so sure this time around.

Biden emphasized there are “requirements I have to change and move and do” before he runs again. He also claimed to be “a great respecter of fate,” which could be his acknowledging his dwindling poll numbers and the fact many Democrats hope for a different candidate.

When asked directly about why the American people have such high disapproval of him, Biden blamed it on COVID-19. He said the pandemic has had an “impact on the psyche of the American people” and highlighted there is now a lot of “uncertainty” and new attitudes in the country.

Even though the president acknowledged the pandemic is over, Biden failed to address supply chain shortages, rising inflation, the influx of migrants, and major world conflicts affecting Americans and their view of the presidency. It seems POTUS is still not able to hold himself accountable for his actions. How much longer will he blame his poor leadership on a virus?

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