Biden COVID-19 Prediction Causing Panic

Biden COVID-19 Prediction Causing Panic

( – President Joe Biden ran much of his campaign on the statement that he would handle the COVID-19 pandemic better than former President Donald Trump. However, now that he’s in office, he believes there is “nothing we can do” to stop the pandemic over the next few months. This pessimistic prediction caused quite a panic for many Americans.

During a press conference on Friday, January 22, Biden was speaking about his recent executive orders on food stamps and workers’ rights. While he spoke about how these orders should help protect Americans, he also seemingly admitted defeat to the coronavirus with the following statement:

For months, Biden said mask mandates, stricter shutdowns, and federal aid would help stop the pandemic. Now, he’s changed his tune. While some are not surprised at the president’s realization, many citizens are panicking due to the now-pessimistic outlook.

While the pandemic continues to spread and take more lives, there’s hope all around us. Millions of Americans are being vaccinated every week, thanks to Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program. In addition, we continue to learn more about the best ways to fight COVID-19 and its complications. Together, we will fight and stop this pandemic in the months to come.

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