Biden Endorsement Might Be a Kiss of Death This Election

Biden Endorsement Might Be a Kiss of Death This Election

Biden’s “Kiss Of Death” Reported – An Embarrassing Discovery

( – President Joe Biden has not endorsed nearly as many primary candidates this year as his 2020 opponent Donald Trump. One reason for that may be that Democrats simply do not want this support due to the president’s low approval ratings. For one Oregon lawmaker, though, his fight to be on the November ballot may be over after receiving Biden’s support.

In April, President Biden endorsed Kurt Schrader, an Oregon Democrat, in his race against the much more progressive Jamie McLeod-Skinner. The moderate Schrader has voted against Biden’s American Rescue Plan and supported separating the infrastructure package from the social spending package. These views might as well be far-right when compared to McLeod-Skinner’s desire to see Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.

The New Republic shared a quote from the far-left McLeod-Skinner:

As of Thursday, May 19, Schrader trailed McLeod-Skinner with 39.3% of the vote compared to her 60.1%. While it may take a few days for the election officials to call the race due to printing errors and slow election processes, it is unlikely Schrader can make such a drastic comeback.

If the first candidate that Biden endorsed this year loses by over 20 points to his rival, such support could be labeled as a kiss of death, leading other Democrats to shy away from any White House support for fear of meeting a similar fate.

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