Biden Is Quietly Courting GOP Officials Behind Closed Doors

Biden Is Quietly Courting GOP Officials Behind Closed Doors

Biden “Quietly” Joins GOP Leaders While No One Is Watching

( – Heading into the midterm season, party leaders would often follow in the footsteps of their highest-ranking politicians as they undertake their campaigns. However, it’s unlikely Democrats will do that this year as President Joe Biden seems to be meeting with GOP members out of public view, trying to find a way to work together.

President Biden initially wanted to pass a bill that provided aid to Ukraine and COVID-19 pandemic relief funds to Americans at the same time. However, after meeting with GOP leaders, he agreed to separate the bills in order to expedite the package for Ukraine. However, many conservative leaders still voted against the bill as its full text was only published a few hours before the vote.

One American shared how Biden was working with the GOP behind the scenes in this maneuver:

While Biden did this, however, he also proclaimed his anti “ultra-MAGA” message to fight back against Republican momentum heading into the midterms. Without former President Donald Trump to attack, he has extended his ire to his followers currently seeking office.

Despite the intense rhetoric, Biden may concede some progressive COVID-19 relief bill points in order to win more Republican votes. According to the Washington Examiner, some GOP politicians would agree to a bill if Biden extends Title 42 restrictions at the border. While only time will tell exactly how much Biden speaks with the opposing party, it is clear he realizes he needs to compromise if he wants to pass any of his initiatives.

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