Biden Jokes About Throwing Republicans Who Don’t Support His Agenda in Jail

Biden Jokes About Throwing Republicans Who Don't Support His Agenda in Jail

Biden “Jokes” About JAILING His Enemies – Actually Says It.

( – President Joe Biden recently appeared in person on a late-night talk show for the first time since becoming president. While speaking with host Jimmy Kimmel on his show, the pair discussed various topics, from gun control and energy to the 2022 midterm elections. During the back and forth, the sitting president made a dark joke about just where he wants to put anyone who disagrees with his gun control agenda.

On Wednesday, June 8, during his discussion with the president, Kimmel noted that it is “our fault,” referring to Americans, that gun control legislation has not moved through Congress and to the president’s desk. The pair then began a comparison, saying the current political climate is like playing a game of Monopoly where Republicans “won’t pass go and won’t follow any of the rules.” Here was Biden’s response:

While Biden was jokingly referring to the “Go to Jail” space on a Monopoly board, it still sent a dark message of how he may rather have GOP representatives who disagree with his gun reform opinions in jail rather than in Congress where Americans asked them to be.

Despite being in office for nearly a year and a half, President Biden is still blaming and constantly berating former President Donald Trump for many of the issues facing America now. But, Kimmel’s words on responsibility did reflect one democratic truth: Americans are responsible for electing their representatives, who in turn get to craft US policies to reflect their constituents. This process is precisely how citizens get laws on guns, healthcare, and climate change that reflect their desires.

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