Biden Lifts Sanctions on Terrorist Nation of Iran

Biden Lifts Sanctions on Terrorist Nation of Iran

( – Since he took office, President Joe Biden has been hoping to reenter the Iran Nuclear Deal to tamp down on and create better oversight for the Middle Eastern nation’s nuclear program. However, the administration has not made any progress towards restarting the Obama-era deal, even after lifting a few sanctions on the country just as the talks restarted.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the State Department signed a 120-day waiver allowing Iran to sell electricity to Iraq on November 19. However, congressional lawmakers did not receive notice of the lifted sanctions until Wednesday, November 29. Additionally, this news came right after United States officials headed to Vienna to restart nuclear talks with Iran on Monday, November 27. So, it was too late for lawmakers to comment on the sticky situation by the time they heard of it.

The Persian news outlet Iran International English shared more about the strange timing of the waiver:

While Iraq does need natural gas and electricity, and will get it through this deal, the timing of this alleged waiver is still questionable. It’s no secret Biden is desperate to negotiate the nuclear deal to boost his approval ratings in his party.

Reports show US negotiators are refraining from removing additional sanctions. However, the terrorist nation of Iran could perceive any concession from the US government, including this waiver, as weakness and use that to its advantage during negotiations.

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