Biden Looking to Cancel $50,000 of Student Debt

Biden Looking to Cancel $50,000 of Student Debt

( – A solid education can open up a world of possibilities for an individual. But, student loans, like any debt, must be taken out responsibly with the intent of paying them back. So, as President Joe Biden considers forgiving a portion of student loan debt, he’s likely starting a vicious cycle of irresponsibility and dependency, as well as a hefty tax bill, for future generations.

On Thursday, April 1, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain alerted Politico reporters to President Biden’s latest plan, shared here by MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin:

During his campaign, Joe Biden said he hoped to forgive $10,000 in student loan debt per person, but leftist leaders have been pushing for him to forgive $50,000.

While forgiving student loan debt would free up those who owe enormous amounts of money to spend their dollars elsewhere, those who already paid off their debts or who chose a more budget-friendly school option are understandably upset by this proposal. Biden’s plan to use all of the American citizens’ money to pay for the school debt of a few is simply another way he will try to expand the government’s influence over its citizens.

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