Biden – MAXINE WATERS Bombshell – He Actually Said This

Biden Says He Agrees With Whatever Maxine Waters Says

( – Nearly halfway through his presidency, most Americans know President Joe Biden often says some outlandish or confusing things. However, at a recent Los Angeles event, the POTUS stated with no hesitation, “whatever Maxine says, I agree with.” In this statement, he was referring to California representative Maxine Waters (D), who is known for her controversial attitude of asking her followers to create mobs when they disagree with something.

On Thursday, October 13, Biden was speaking about his administration’s infrastructure investments as the LA Metro system worked on its Purple line extension project. During the speech, the commander-in-chief was thanking various lawmakers for their service when he declared he would agree with “whatever” Maxine Waters puts forward.

However, many people were taken aback by this statement, as Waters is known for trying to rally her supporters to protest jury verdicts and tell Trump administration officials they are not welcome in public. She has encouraged her listeners to “get more confrontational” in certain situations as well.

Our current president does not always get his words out clearly, but in this case, he spoke quite succinctly. Is Biden really suggesting he would support public unrest among citizens who do not agree with a decision made by a court or administration, or only if Maxine says so?

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