Biden May Have Shared Classified Info on Private Email Server

Biden May Have Shared Classified Info on Private Email Server

( – When Hunter Biden’s laptop surfaced in a Delaware computer repair shop, Americans had no idea what it would hold. From risque videos and racist messages to shady business dealings, concerned citizens thought they’d seen it all at this point. But, it now turns out that the sketchy computer now in the hands of the FBI also contains emails from then-Vice President Joe Biden to his son that contained sensitive information.

On Tuesday, July 20, Just the News published an article detailing multiple emails sent from President Joe Biden’s personal Gmail account to his son Hunter during his time as vice president. The article highlighted multiple instances where Biden allegedly provided information from the State Department to his son, including an update about the release of an American named Martin O’Connor from his imprisonment in Turkey.

Understandably, many Americans were aghast at this use of a private email server, as it reminded them of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal from a few years ago.

According to reports, multiple Obama administration officials, including current Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, knew of the personal email address and that Biden used it to “pass information” on to his friends and family. Hopefully, the FBI and investigative journalists can further delve into the depths of Biden’s personal email to see just what the current president used his email for over the years.

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