Biden Official Grilled Over $3 Billion Ukraine Aid Error

( – It has been reported that an “accounting error” at the Pentagon revealed an extra $3 billion that they never knew they had – which conveniently enough, means that they can now spend an extra $3 billion on arms for Ukraine without having to go cap-in-hand to one of the United States’ notoriously pesky oversight committees and ask for the money.

Quite from the reasonably justified scepticism concerning the enormous size of the Pentagon sofa – down the back of which you can apparently lose $3 billion with ease – many observers have queried the basis of the so-called “accounting error” saying that although the “net book value” used in the calculations differs from the “replacement cost” of the items supplied, there are strict accounting rules over when and where the terms should be used.

In addition, many are questioning the wisdom of adding fuel to the flames of a conflict which is threatening to spiral out of control – Russia has already warned that supplying F16 fighter jets and pilot training to Ukraine could lead to a very messy outcome indeed – and it should not be forgotten that at the end of the day, Russia is a nuclear power and we poke the Russian bear at our peril.

Jake Sullivan, the Biden administration’s national security adviser, was forced to concede that it would have been better if the Pentagon “had got it right in the first place.” He said that the American people can be assured that all the money would be spent “appropriately and effectively”, and that Ukraine would get “whatever it needs to prevail.”

Since the start of the Ukraine war in February 2022, the US government has provided almost $40 billion in military aid. A letter that was sent to President Joe Biden earlier this month from nineteen Republican lawmakers from both the House and the Senate, called for the Biden administration to stop sending military aid to Ukraine amid rising tensions.

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