Biden Officials Block Emergency Flights From Kabul to Come Home

Biden Officials Block Emergency Flights From Kabul to Come Home

( – After the chaotic withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, hundreds of US citizens and green-card holders remained in the Taliban-governed nation hoping to get out. As private groups and NGOs began putting together evacuation flights to help these stranded people, reports began to circulate of the Biden administration making it quite difficult for the flights to leave the Kabul airport.

On Tuesday, September 28, the US Department of Homeland Security rejected landing rights for a charter flight run by Project Dynamo. The NGO’s founder, Bryan Stern, first told Reuters of the issue, highlighting the fact there were 28 Americans, 83 green card holders, and 6 people with Special Immigration Visas on the flight that sat on the Tarmac in Kabul for 14 hours. In total, the flight had 117 people, including 59 children.

The news agency Humming Zone shared the latest on the US government’s stance towards the situation:

Every minute the US government delays these evacuation flights is another minute it puts Americans, Afghan allies, and children at risk and forces them to wait even longer to get to freedom. Hopefully, the government moves quickly to help these survivors before it’s too late.

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