Biden Reportedly Ignored Top Military During Afghanistan Withdrawal

Biden Reportedly Ignored Top Military During Afghanistan Withdrawal

( – Over the weekend, the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s presidential palace in Kabul after ransacking the city. This quick takeover came after President Joe Biden ordered a complete withdrawal of American troops from the Middle Eastern nation. While many presidents have hoped to get out of this 20-year-long war, Biden chose to do it while ignoring advice from top military advisors and completely demolishing 2 decades of friendship between America and the Afghan nation.

In April of this year, multiple military officials warned President Biden that Afghanistan would quickly fall to the Taliban if the troop withdrawal was not done well.

Commander of US forces in the Middle East, General Frank McKenzie joined with the leader of NATO forces in Afghanistan General Austin “Scott” Miller to encourage Biden to leave 2,500 troops in the nation until they reached a peace agreement. General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also said diplomacy with a small number of troops on the ground would keep the Middle East more stable.

However, it was obvious that President Biden ignored their wise council as the world watched the devastating events of this past weekend. Biden did not even appear to acknowledge the chaos until the evening of Monday, August 16. When he did so, the president stood behind his actions saying it was for the best.

Newsmax shared more on how Biden’s poor decisions led to the national breakdown in Afghanistan:

Biden promised Americans months ago that the withdrawal of US troops would be “responsibly, deliberately, and safely” carried out. Our nation has now seen that promise completely broken, and Biden refused to acknowledge that this week. This is not a leader whose actions our nation can be proud of right now, and the world is taking note.

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