Biden Reportedly Preparing to Shut Down More Pipelines

Biden Reportedly Preparing to Shut Down More Pipelines

( – After President Joe Biden’s trip to the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, he’s feeling enormous pressure from both his party and other nations to cut down on the US’ reliance on oil and gas. With this, a new report shows he’s even considering shutting down another petroleum pipeline while gas and propane usage continue to rise as America heads towards the winter months.

In northern Michigan, propane prices have already increased 50% over last year, and Americans across the nation are feeling the steep price of gasoline at the pump. Yet, according to a POLITICO report, the Biden administration wants to shut down Line 5, a pipeline that carries petroleum products from Western Canada to Escanaba, Michigan.

Representative Tim Walberg (R-MI) was one of the first lawmakers to urge President Biden away from this decision. He shared the letter he sent to the White House on Twitter:

The Canadian government is also pressuring President Biden to keep the pipeline, especially because Biden already stopped construction of the Keystone XL pipeline after he took office. As Americans head into winter with extremely cold temperatures and inflation hitting across the board, hopefully, Biden hears the plea of GOP lawmakers and makes the right choice to put America’s wellbeing and heating bills ahead of his progressive agenda.

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