Biden Says His Transition Is Working

Biden Says His Transition Is Working

Biden Makes A Huge SLIP – Reveals What’s Really Behind Skyrocketing Gas Prices

( – For months, President Joe Biden and the Democrats have been trying to write off sky-high gas prices as the work of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine. However, that reasoning has not brought prices down or raised America’s overall approval of Biden. So now, the president is taking a new approach to address the gas prices, saying it is actually a good thing and will push America towards renewable energy.

On Monday, May 23, President Biden spoke with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida about various topics, including energy prices. The US leader declared that the record-high gas prices reflect the “incredible transition” the world must go through to rely less on fossil fuels.

Newsweek shared how many Americans reacted to Biden’s words:

Biden’s opinion reflected that of many at the World Economic Forum (WEF). At one point during the recent meeting, Kjerstin Braathen, the CEO of DNB ASA, noted the “pain” of inflation and high energy prices is “worth it” for the energy transition that may be happening soon.

Biden’s encouragement of the high price of gas comes as the price per gallon hit an average of $4.598 in the nation, with prices in California often topping off at over $6 a gallon, according to AAA. As the summer travel season kicks off, most experts expect the cost of gas to go up, hurting everyday Americans that much more. What do you think? Is the “transition” worth the price?

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